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Photo Section

will be more on the way.


334th Supply at Phu Loi 1970 

photo supplied by Kipp Ervin

334th at Phu Loi

Photo by Kipp Ervin

Kipp Ervin on right, left unknown

334th assigned to3/17Cav in 1970 at Phu Loi

Person unknown? 50cal. Gunner

This picture and the one's below were sent in by Ramiro Ramirez.

50 cal. ship  tail # 945

Gangbuster Platoon Sign 1968

Sp/5 Ramirez cleaning the 50 cal. & Sp/4 Big in the gunners seat.


Sp/4 Butch Norling working with Minigun, June 1968

Gangbusters Huey with Sp/4 Foster

Sp/5 Ramirez on the right & SP/4 White re-arming minigun ammo box's on Gun ship 1967.