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As soon as I can think of something good to say about myself, I'll

get started on this..

I was drafted in June 1968, after being married for a year. Being drafted I  had to fill out what we called a dream sheet, which asked what MOS we wanted and where we would like stationed..  After  Tet of 68, I asked to be a 52B generator repairman and ask to be stationed in Germany...  After basic training, I was sent to Fort Belvoir for generator repairman school and then advanced generator repair and then sent off to see Germany. I thought this Army life is alright, drafted and get the school you want and stationed where you requested, in 1968....  If you were in back then you know they had what was called a VRB, variable reenlistment bonus, $10,000 for another 6 years, well I did it, to stay in Germany. Six months later I was at Fort Hood,  put in a 10-49 request to go to Vietnam just to get out of there, real smart.... In Vietnam I was assigned to the 334th Attack Helicopter Company at Phu Loi and stayed there until March 1972 when the unit was ordered to go to Fort Knox.  This was the time, 1971-72, when there was supposed to be peace with honor and a free South Vietnam and the unit was painting over US Army and tail numbers to fly to Cambodia. I saw one thing on the news about the peace talks and then saw the VC using the Ho Chi Minh trail in Cambodia to bring troops south, and this was not for the peace talks. Thanks to President Nixon and Mr. Kissinger ,  I decided to get out of the Army in 1976. After Vietnam  I changed my MOS to 11B4X, Drill Sergeant .  After getting out of the real Army,  I joined the reserves and stayed there for six more years as a Drill Sergeant.  


Dean & wife Kate

1976 after getting out of Army

Dean early 1971 before Vietnam